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Our Roots


New Vision Development & Farming was founded by Tata Wirba Usmaila in 2011, becoming a legal organisation in 2013 in his home village of Mbiame, NW region of Cameroon. Our goal is to train people in sustainable farming, mining, resource management, and environmental practices. While doing this, New Vision saw the development of various farms and resource operations in the area of Mbiame.

Tata and his partner Mercy are the driving force behind this charity























After seeing many years of success, our were halted in 2016 by the outbreak of conflict between the Cameroonian government and separatist fighters in the western region of Cameroon. All our farms were destroyed, and we were forced to flee our home. But that was not the end of our mission. Now we are trying to help all those many others who have been affected by the crisis, building sustainable means of living, so that these people may rebuild their lives and communities.

What we do


Currently, New Vision is concerned with providing emergency relief to the many IDPs (refugee in ones own country) taking refuge in the city of Bamenda, in the North West part of the country.

We are supplying food and medical care to those in need. However, with so many affected it is difficult

for us to help all those who need it. 

Tata, Mercy and New Vision has also been helping in the following ways:

1 - Educating children

2 - Providing seeds for growing

3 - Providing sanitary towels to women

4 - Educating people in sustainable farming methods

5 - Providing hepatitis injections

6 - Empowering women

7 - Building wells for clean drining water


The project is not just about emergency relief. This is an organisation with long term, sustainable goals.

We are planning on achieving this by helping to rebuild the communities that have been lost in conflict.

This will be done in a number of ways:

-A (healing) centre to co-ordinate and run many of the activities will be established. 

-Land to be acquired so that stability for farming crops of many varieties can be secured

-Displaced people to be trained in the techniques required to run the farms

-Various craft workshops to be run from the centre, allowing them to fund future ventures without

the need for donations


A crowdfunding fundraiser is currently accepting donations so that 8 acres of land can be purchased. 

Then many more people can be helped, water sources utilised and significant growth can occur in many areas.

Please donate today to our fundraising campaign! 

Every penny you donate will go towards the purchase of the land, and not for any other costs. 


THANK-YOU very much. 


There are many in Bamenda at this moment with no access to food or medical supplies. At this time, we are doing what we can to mobilise donations and get these people the help they need.



For a community to flourish it must be able to sustain itself. So that is why sustainability is at the centre of what we do. Sustainable farming is farming ecologically by promoting methods and practices that are economically viable, environmentally sound and protect public health. These farms are at the core of our work.



Our desire is that the communities we help to build will continue long after the team are gone. That is why we value of the importance of passing on the skills and knowledge required to live sustainably. We do not just arrive, build farms, and leave but  rather we are passionate about teaching communities how to create the farms themselves, along with all the methods and practices required to maintain them. This is how we will make our mission truly sustainable


One of the biggest problems at the moment is how unaware the world is of what is happening. At Mbiame New Vision we are doing what we can to let the word know of this crisis, in the hope that it may come to as swift an end as possible


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