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Nothing is as heart breaking as when you give your total support to build a team , equip the team and continue to give your all, materially, financially,morally, intellectually and more to make sure the fire doesn't die down, but are insulted by some unfriendly acts.

When the goodies come at a time they are supposed to, sit comfortably and enjoy the proceeds from your sweats.

Talk to the people on your way up the ladder cus you will meet them on your way down.

When someone contributes to a blessing in your life be #grateful. You don't need to pay back to show your gratitude, just be grateful. If someone sacrifices their hard earned money to make you life better, be grateful. No matter how little some one has contributed to your life, be grateful. No contribution is too small to turn things around for you, just be grateful.

But if someone buys you a car and later ask for a lift and you think they are so unworthy to enjoy your car, kindly go away and not hurt them. Make no promises that you will not fulfill.

If you will not help them back, at least don't hurt them.

It's a bad thing to hurt the people who contributed to your greatness or success.

Just wanted to share to inspire.

Be motivated to be grateful.

By Mercy

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