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The Fight Against Domestic Abuse: Clintons Story

Clinton is 10 years old. He has recently suffered from isolation and solitary confinement by his foster father. He was well beaten, his hands and legs were tied up with some hard cables and he was locked up in an isolated dark room for over 3weeks with no food and water for most days. This happened in the absence of his mother. Due to the tight nature of the cords, on Clintons arms and legs, and the wounds inflicted on his arms and legs by the cords, in his attempt to free himself to no avail, they got swollen and later started decaying as a result of the inflammation. His arms have become stiff such that he will need to see an ophthalmologist ,to determine the state of his arm bones.

Nevertheless neighbors came to discover this barbaric act on the child and raised an alarm. He was rushed to the Mamfe General Hospital in excruciating pain. On his mother’s return, she bought a few drugs for Clinton which could not take care of the initial treatment. The boy went home with swellings and open decaying wounds. With his flesh falling off and exposing even the bones. At the moment he is being treated with herbs and concoctions which are not helping the situation at all. Clinton needs help. His poor mother, who is a farmer, has a burden of taking care of the boy and his siblings and so she is unable to save her child.

This is just one of such cases in recent times, triggered particularly by the socio-political crisis plaguing the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon; Where families are unable to feed and those who are seen and considered to be strangers are ill-treated .Clinton‘s case is one so peculiar among others that we cannot fold our arms and watch him suffer in the hands of his foster father. We seek to ;counsel him, to bring him out of the psychological trauma he is still passing through, help restore his health and to ensure that he gets a good education, If possible rehabilitate him too .Clinton has been affected psychologically physically and emotionally. In collaboration with Mbiame New Vision Multipurpose Faming and Development Organization we are working as a team to help him regain his happiness as a child. We will be raising funds to bring him to a good hospital where he can benefit from proper medical care, No matter the differences between parents ,we strongly denounce domestic violence on kids in all its forms.

By Vernyuy Munyuy Mercy

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